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What’s better than turning a lovely childhood memory into a night you can’t remember? Well that’s what playing a few games of Battleshots will do to you.

For those that don’t remember, Battleship was a game where you try to guess the locations of your opponents boats before they could guess all of yours. The difference is, in our version, we’ll be aiming for shots instead of ships.


How to Play

The Battleshots game off Amazon includes everything you need to play, including 8 custom shot glasses, laminated game sheets and stands to protect your secret plans from your opponent. Although unlike Amazon, our recommended age is a little bit older than 12 months.

If you’re pressed for time you can also print some of our game boards out at home, but the reusable boards are better for the environment, so get them for your next Arbor Day party! Now let’s get this booze cruise rolling.


  • Set up your boards with the stands so that the board labeled “Opponents Fleet” is vertical and the board labeled “My Fleet” is on the table.
  • Each player fills their 4 shot glasses with their drink of choice. Could be liquor or beer, depending on how messed up you want to be getting.
  • Players place their glasses wherever they want on their boards, but don’t let your opponent see!
  • If you are using our printable game boards, sit in such a way that your opponent cannot see your board, or use something as a divider to hide your board, and setup the same.
Battleshots sailor hat ball

Getting Started

Pick someone to go first. Seeing as this is Battleshots, the player who was most recently on a boat gets to go second because they’re probably richer.


  • Players take turns guessing coordinates. If you hit one of your opponents cups, you get to shoot again. If you miss, your turn is over.
  • Make sure to mark where you have guessed on your board so you don’t guess the same spot twice.
  • If a player hits one of your cups, you take the drink, and remove it from the board.
  • The first player to hit all of their opponents cups wins!


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