Beer Pong House Rules

Beer pong is one of the most versatile party games in existence, and the everyone likes to play it a little bit differently. This is a list of all the house rules that we currently have, but we will always be adding to it as people tell us how they play. Enjoy!

  • Bounce Shots: At any point in the game, a player can try to bounce their ball off the table and into one of their opponents cup. If the ball gets in any cup, the cup that was hit as well as an additional cup (decided by the defending team) must be removed and drank for. But as we remember from before, once a ball hits the table it can be swatted away, so only try this move when your opponents are distracted or by shouting “NICE TITS!” and pointing behind them before bouncing.
  • Rollbacks: If both players hit a cup on their turn, the opposing team must remove both cups, and give back the balls for the original team to shoot again. This can continue as long as both players keep hitting their cups.
  • Heating Up/On Fire: This is a personal rule that is sometimes hard to keep track of. Let’s say Andy is playing beer pong, and he hits a cup, but his partner misses. On the next round, Andy hits a cup again. At this point, Andy must announce “I’m heating up!” This means he has hit 2 cups in a row, regardless of what any of the other players have done. Then, on his next turn if Andy hits a cup again he is “On Fire” and can keep shooting until he misses. The other team and Andy’s teammate just wait until Andy finally misses.
An Example of an Island
  • Island: When you hit all the cups around one so that there is no cup touching it, it becomes an island. At any point during your turn, if your opponents cups have an island you can shoot for it regularly, or you can call island before your shot. If they have multiple islands you must specify which cup you are shooting for. If you hit the island that you called, that cup as well as one of your choosing must be removed.
  • Death Cup: This is one of my personal favorites. Let’s say one player hits a cup and the other team is slow to notice/remove the cup from the playing area. The second player can then shoot his ball and if they hit the SAME cup then they win. Start yelling because this is one of the best feelings. You can also try to decide a cup to hit and shoot at the same time but that’s some advanced analytics shit that is a bit too complicated for some people.
  • Celebrity Shot: Both teams have the opportunity to use a celebrity shot in a game of beer pong. This means that anyone who is not currently playing can take a shot for one of the players, who will be giving up their turn. If the celebrity hits a cup, it is removed from play and they walk away with a perfect shooting record. If not, they should be ridiculed from the table.
An Example of the Bitch Cup
  • Bitch Cup: In a game of 10 cup beer pong, the cup in the center of the row of 3 is considered the “Bitch Cup.” If this is the first cup that your team hits, your team must remove your pants or shirt. Or both! That’s up to the host. Might depend on who’s hairy back you don’t want to see. Gah.

  • Re-racks: Re-racking is when you can change the shape of your cups after you have hit 1 or more. Generally, each team can re-rack at the beginning of their turn 1 time per game, but more generous hosts offer 2. There are a ton of different re-rack formations you can go to depending on how many cups you have left and your preferred pattern to shoot at. Check out the full list here.
  • Trolls: If your teammate is really shitting the bed and doesn’t hit a single cup during your game, they can be made into a troll. At the end of the game, if they have no shots successfully made, they can be peer pressured into a troll who must sit under the table until the next game is completed. This will give you some time to find a much better teammate. Hope that stickiness is from the beer.
  • 2nd Chances: If you shoot the ball and it hits one of your opponents cups and it bounces back toward your end of the table, if you can grab it before your opponents do you’ll get a second chance. However, you have to either throw the ball behind your back, or throw it with your non-dominant hand. Variations in this rule include the ball only being in play if it has not yet hit the floor to be worth a shot, and if you hit a cup with your 2nd chance, it could count for 2 cups. How you use this rule depends on how free-spirited you’re feeling today. Just try not to get the ball stuck in your dream catcher man.
  • Fingering/Blowing: Generally this rule states that if the ball is inside the cup but still spinning around near the top, guys can quickly try to finger the ball out and girls can blow in the cup to pop the ball out. But it’s 2020 so it really should be based on what you prefer to do. Bi people have a definite advantage here.

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