Chandelier is a great game for groups anywhere from 3 to 10 people, or as many as you can fit around the table! It combines aspects of flip cup and slap cup, but also brings its own fun play style. It is also a great way to get everybody drinking, so get ready for that. If you play this game right, you might just end up swinging from the chandelier.


How to Play

Playing chandelier is a fun and interactive way for your whole group no matter the size. Everyone should be paying attention or they might get left behind and eliminated from the game. It gives players the chance to try and mess with each other, but punishes them if they mess up.


  • Figure out how many people are playing (usually the hardest part,) and make sure everyone has their own cup. It needs to be something they can drink out of and flip.
  • Fill an extra cup with water, and place it in the middle of the table. Have players spread out around the table so they are within arms reach of the water cup.
  • Each player should fill their cup with about 1 sip of their drink of choice. Everyone then places their cup around the water cup, but closest to themselves. Make sure everyone keeps track of their cup!
  • Give the ping pong ball to the first player to shoot, and you’re ready to play!
Setup for 8 people playing Chandelier

Getting Started

Host of the party gets to decide who shoots first. Generally it’s whoever is currently holding the ping pong ball. When everyone’s cups have some drink in them its time to start shooting!


  • Whoever’s turn it is will take the ping pong ball, and bounce it off the table into one of the cups.
  • If they miss all the cups, they can either shoot again until they hit one, or their turn is skipped and the next person shoots.
  • But, if they hit one of the cups around the outside, whoever’s cup that is must drink what is in it, and they have 3 chances to successfully flip it.
  • If they miss all 3 flips (tragic) they are eliminated from the game, and the party moves on without them. They’re more than welcome to join the cheering/booing squad.
  • Suppose they succeed in flipping their cup, they refill their cup and place it back in the circle with their fellow cup buddies.
  • But what if a player bounces the ping pong ball into their own cup?? The same rules apply. So if you’re feeling thirsty and are confident in your flipping abilities, by all means hit that cup! You King/Queen.
  • The 3rd option is, if the bouncer gets the ball into the CENTER cup, all players immediately grab their cup, drink it, and start flipping it. Instead of having 3 chances, you can flip as many times as needed to get it right. The last player to flip their cup is then eliminated.
  • All players refill their cups and shrink the circle around the center cup.
  • Keep doing this until there is only 1 player left and that is your winner!

This is all well and good, but as we know there are always ways to spice things up. House rules are here to make things a little bit more interesting.

House Rules

  • Duel: If a player wants to challenge another player of their choosing, they can duel them. To do this, on their turn before they bounce the ball they must say who they want to duel. Then, they have one shot to bounce the ball into the center cup. If the shooter misses, or gets the ball in any other players cup, they must drink and attempt to flip their own cup. If they do hit the center cup, ONLY those 2 players immediately race to drink and flip their cups. The loser will be eliminated.
  • Shot in the Foot: When using this rule, if a player accidentally bounces the ball into their own cup, they must either finish their entire drink (yes, what you’re refilling your cup with,) or take a shot. Don’t be a lightweight.
  • Bartender: The first player who is eliminated must act as bartender until the the game is finished, filling up everyone’s cups at their request. Applies for those not playing as well. Be sure to tip your server.

    We always want to hear your house rules as well! Send them to us on our contact page.

Alternate Endings

There are a few different ways to end a game of chandelier. Pick the one you like the most or make up your own ending! Here are a couple ways to end:

Basic Ending

This is just playing the game the regular way all the way through. Once there are only 2 players left, they keep shooting until someone either fails on their 3 tries to flip, or someone hits the center cup, at which point the person to drink and flip their cup first wins.

Flip Race

When there are only 2 players left, someone can give them a countdown or they can do the “Down, Up, Down” to go at the same time. Not sure what “Down, Up, Down” is? Check it out here. Once they start both players just race to see who can drink and flip their cup first. This usually makes for a quicker end than 2 drunk people missing the cups over and over.

And that’s how you play Chandelier! If you haven’t played it, try it out with your friend group and you might love it. Now get out there and host the party of a lifetime!


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