Diamonds is a hybrid between beer pong and flip cup, including aspects of both to make for a fast paced fun game for 4. It requires a tiny bit of focus so this might be better for the beginning/middle of a party before you’re more focused on staying vertical than anything else.


How to Play

Diamonds is a 4 person game that is non-stop so once you get started it’ll just be chaos until the end. Embrace the madness and enjoy as this game will get anyone who watches in line to play next.


  • From your 4 people who are playing, split up into 2 teams of 2.
  • Players should all take a corner of the table, where your partner is in the corner diagonally across the table from you.
  • Each player puts 4 cups in a diamond pattern in their corner, with the diamond shape pointing towards the opposite corner (their teammate.)
  • The person on the same end of the table as you is actually setting up the cups you are going to be drinking out of, so make sure the cups they’re using are clean! This isn’t how you want to get herpes.
  • Fill the cups you will be drinking out of with about 1 sip of your drink of choice.
  • Fill an extra cup with water, and place it in the middle of the table.
  • Give 1 ping pong ball to both people on one end of the table, so each team has 1.

Getting Started

Once one player from each team has a ball, you can count down from 3 and start shooting. This game doesn’t have turns, so the faster you can shoot the better off you might be, provided you’re hitting some cups.


  • 1 player from each team should start shooting as soon as the game begins.
  • Players are shooting diagonally across the table, aiming at the cups in front of their teammate.
  • When your teammate hits a cup in front of you, take out the ping pong ball and slide the cup over to your opponent on the same end of the table as you.
  • They must stop shooting until the player you slid the cup to drinks from and successfully flips their cup. As soon as they flip their cup correctly, they can go back to shooting!
  • While your opponents are stuck trying to flip, you can keep shooting to try and pile up the cups for them! If you or your teammate hits another cup before the opponent flips their first cup, just slide it over and keep going.
  • Say your opponent shoots the ping pong ball a second before you, and your ball is still in the air when their ball lands in one of your cups. Regardless of what your ball does, it will not count because they hit a cup first. You must drink and flip that cup before you can start shooting again.
  • Both players on the same team can be drinking/flipping cups at the same time if the other team keeps hitting them. Like I said, there are no turns so just keep flipping until you’re caught up and start shooting again.
  • Teams keep shooting until both players have hit the 4 cups in front of their teammate. If 1 teammate is done before the other, just keep rolling the ball back to the slower (more disappointing, embarrassing) teammate until they hit all their cups.
  • Even after 1 team hits all 8 of their cups, the game is not over. Both players must now successfully bounce the ball into the center cup. Again, no turns so once 1 player completes this, just keep rolling the ball to your teammate until they figure it out and that’s game.
  • Hypothetically, if team 1 has moved onto bouncing the ball into the center cup and team 2 is still shooting for their initial cups, team 1 must stop bouncing if team 2 hits one of their cups until they can drink it and flip.

These are the generic rules and make for a great game, but there are variations that can spice things up just a little bit more.

Game Variations

  • Tits: This is a great game if you’ve got a nice set of friends who are comfortable with each other. Instead of shooting the balls directly into the cups, you must throw your ball off your teammates chest, and they direct it into the cup. But fear not flat chested guys/girls! Having a backboard-like chest might just make things easier to control. Regardless of your cup size, this variation is great for everyone involved.
  • Death Cup: Instead of filling the center cup with water, fill it with a full beer, some liquor, or a mix of both. Hell, even a craft beer if you’re feeling particularly evil. Add some water cups on the end of the table to rinse the ball off during the game. Then, whichever team loses the game is forced to drink the death cup. Careful with what you put in the death cup, because you might end up drinking it.

    We always want to hear your variations as well! Send them to us on our contact page.


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