Flip Cup

Flip cup is a classic party game, I would hazard a guess that 90% of people have played it in their lives. Why? Because it’s fun, addicting, and you don’t need a lot of supplies to play it.


  • Table, circle, rectangle, anything you can fit a bunch of people around
  • Cups
  • Drinks

How to Play

The game is about as simple as its name implies, you drink, and you flip cups. If that doesn’t sound like a great time to you then this is a bad website for you and you’re probably better off here.


  • The most important step of this game is setting up teams. Try to get even numbers on both sides. If you have an odd number that’s no problem, someone just gets to go twice.
  • Have the teams organize themselves so they are all on the same side of the table, preferably across from one of their opponents to up the animosity.
  • Each player will need a cup, which they should fill with 1-2 sips of their drink of choice.
  • Once everyone is set and across from an opponent, you can begin the game.
Setup for a 10 Person Game of Flip Cup

Getting Started

Flip Cup is a race between teams to see which can flip all their cups first, so the teams start at the same time. A simple “Ready, set, GO!” will suffice, but you could also say something crazy like “Ready, set, FLIP!” but make sure to tell your friends you are going to do this ahead of time so they don’t get confused.

Another way you could start is by doing “Down, Up, Down” which is holding your cup, tapping the bottom on the table, bringing it up and cheersing your opponent, then back down to tap the bottom again. Once you perform the 2nd tap, you can start drinking.


  • The first 2 players start drinking once the game has begun, and then start flipping their cup.
  • The cup must be empty before you start flipping your cup, but that doesn’t mean you have to swallow it, you could just hold it in your mouth!
  • Keep flipping the cup until you get it, it’s a race so keep trying until you get it.
  • Once the first person successfully flips their cup, the next person on that team can start drinking and flipping their cup.
  • This continues on both teams until everyone on one team flips their cup, making them the winners of that round.
  • Everyone who needs to refill their drink should do so now, and then the 2nd round can begin!
  • For this round, the first 2 players to start drinking should be the next 2 down the table, so if player 1 on both teams started last round, player 2 on both teams should start this round.
  • This continues until one team wins enough rounds, generally first to 3 wins is enough to really find out who is flipping challenged and needs to be placed on a better team.

Game Variations

  • Battle of the Sexes: For some reason girls always want to do girls vs. guys, so this comes up a lot. Pretty easy, all the girls on 1 team, all the guys on the other. If you’re hosting a sausage party or a clam jam you may need to donate a couple guys to the girls team or visa versa. Or if there’s 5 guys and 4 girls, simply have 1 of the girls drink/flip twice.
  • Flip-Tac-Toe: This is a fun one, you’re basically playing tic-tac-toe, but there are no turns. How fast you get to put down your X’s and O’s depends on how fast you can flip. Learn more here.
  • Elimination: In this version, every time a team loses a round, they must pick 1 person to kick off the team. Usually you pick whoever did the worst job so you’re better off. However, this means someone on the team now has to drink/flip twice! This is also decided by the team before the round begins. For example, if you are doing a 5v5 game of flip cup, one team will eventually be only left with 1 person, who then has to try and drink and flip all 5 cups alone before the other team can complete theirs. Once this last person loses, the game is over!

    We always want to hear your variations as well! Send them to us on our contact page.


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