Flip-tac-toe is a fun variation to flip cup that we made up ourselves here at drinks and games! It’s a combo between flip cup and tic-tac-toe, as you might have been able to figure out. Now, let’s get sloppy.


  • Table, circle, rectangle, anything you can fit a bunch of people around
  • Cups, 2 different colors
  • Tape, painters, masking, duct
  • Drinks

How to Play

You’re gonna have to do a little bit of movement for this one, so clear some space around your table. It’s all about speed, and I ain’t talking about the sugar booger

There are 2 sets of cups for this game, the cups you will be drinking and flipping, and the cups you will be playing tic-tac-toe with. The tic-tac-toe cups should remain dry and only used for this! Use 3 or 4 of them, depending on how fast you want the games to go. Get experimental with it, see what you’re into.


  • Take whatever tape you have, and lay out a tic-tac-toe grid on one end of the table. Make sure there’s enough room inside each square for an upside down cup!
  • Setup a stack of either 3 or 4 of both color of cups just before the tic-tac-toe board in the “Game Area.”
  • Pick teams, preferably gym class style so that whoever is chosen last has something to prove.
  • Have each player fill a cup with 1-2 sips of their drink of choice, and line up in the “Drink Refilling Area,” except the starting player on each team, who will line up on either side of the table in the “Flipping Area.”

Getting Started

Flip-tac-toe is a race between teams to see which can get 3 in a row on the tic-tac-toe board, so the teams start at the same time. You can set things into motion with a simple “Ready, set, go” or any variation of this.

Another way you could start is by doing “Down, Up, Down” which is holding your cup, tapping the bottom on the table, bringing it up and cheersing your opponent, then back down to tap the bottom again. Once you perform the 2nd tap, you can start drinking.


  • The first player on both teams start drinking once the game has begun, and then start flipping their cup.
  • The cup must be empty before you start flipping your cup. Otherwise there will be a huge mess and that’s a party foul. If someone commits a party foul, check out the list of punishments here.
  • Keep flipping the cup until you get it, it’s a race so keep trying until you get it.
  • Once the first person successfully flips their cup, they take one of their dry cups from in front of the tic-tac-toe board, and place it wherever they want.
  • After they put the cup down on the board, they can go back to the end of the line in the “Drink Refilling Area,” refill their drink, and wait for their next turn.
  • At the same time, the next person in line on that team can step up to the “Flipping Area” and start their turn.
  • After all of your teams tic-tac-toe cups have been placed on the board, players must then move 1 of their teams cups to a different spot after they flip, instead of placing a new one down.
  • You cannot place a cup on top of one of your opposing teams cups!
  • First team to get 3 in a row wins.
  • There are no turns! If your team can successfully flip 3 cups before anyone on the other team can flip 1, you can just put your 3 cups in a row and win. So keep on flipping.

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