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This game is an absolute classic, and it’s great to play at any party, no matter the beginning, middle or end. Super easy to play, perfect for relaxing and listening to music while you play.

So gather round your fellow Kings and Queens, because this game doesn’t care who you are, it just wants to get you sloppy.


  • Table, circle, rectangle, anything you can fit a bunch of people around
  • Deck of Cards
  • Drinks (at least 1 can)

How to Play

For this game, players will take turns picking a card, and dealing with the consequences.


  • Take a can of your favorite beer and place it in the middle of the table.
  • Shuffle up the cards, and spread them out around the beer can like you’re about to perform a white trash magic trick. Get it looking a little like this:
Setup for a Game of King's Cup
Setup for a Game of King’s Cup

Getting Started

Pick someone to go first and get this rig rolling! Here are some easy ways to pick who goes first:

  • Fewest cavities
  • Least Drunk
  • Longest Currently Single
  • Cutest Pet


  • The players take turns pulling a card from the circle, and flip it over on the table so everyone can see what it is.
  • Depending on what the card is, players will have to take different actions. Here’s the lineup:

Two: 2 is You. The player who flipped the card gets to pick one person to make drink

Three: 3 is Me. The player who flipped the card must take a drink.

Four: 4 is Floor. All players must point at the floor. The last one to do so must drink.

Five: 5 is Guys. Doesn’t really rhyme but all guys playing must drink.

Six: 6 is Chicks. All girls playing the game must drink.

Seven: 7 is Heaven. Similar to 4, all players must now point up. Last player to do so must drink.

Eight: 8 is Date. Whoever flipped this card can pick 1 player who they will now be dating. Until another 8 is flipped, whenever one of the dating players must drink, the other must as well.

Nine: 9 is Rhyme. The player who flipped this card says a word. Going around the table, players must say a word that rhymes with this word. The player who repeats or can’t think of a new word must drink.

Ten: 10 is Categories. We’ve gone off the rails with rhyming here. The player who flipped this card must say a category. Going around the table, players must list things that fit this category. Example categories include colors, fast food brands, species of tree. First player to repeat or can’t think of a new thing must drink.

Jack: Jack is Never Ever. Players go around the table saying things they have never done. Anyone who has done that thing must take a drink. Everyone gets to say 1 thing.

Queen: Queen is Question Master: Whoever flips this card is now the Question Master. Until the next Queen if flipped, if they ask a question and someone answers it, that person must drink. However, if you respond to the Question Master’s question with another question, you are safe. Get it?

King: King Makes the Rules. Whoever flipped this card gets to make up one rule that applies until the next King is flipped over. If you’re having trouble of thinking of some, here are some good rules to try out.

Ace: Ace is Waterfall. The player who flipped this card must start drinking. The person to their left starts drinking, and then the person to their left starts drinking, all the way around the circle. Whenever they feel like it, the person who flipped the card can stop drinking, at which point the person to their left can stop as well, all the way around the table again. Just hope you aren’t to the right of some belligerent drunk.

  • After the player reveals their card, they must then place their card under the tab of the unopened beer can. Players continue adding cards under the tab until the seal is broken.
  • Whoever is putting in the card when the seal is broken must chug the drink. Then, a new beer can is placed in the middle, and all following cards are placed under the tab of the new can.
  • The first player who breaks the circle of cards must take a drink. This means that when pulling their card, a gap forms where the cards are not touching.
  • This continues until all cards have been pulled.

And that’s it! People always have some different rules for what certain cards mean or how they prefer to do things, so this list is just 1 way to play.

We want to hear how you play! Send us an email to let us know your style and we may put your game up on the website! Contact us here.


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