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Picolo is a great drinking game to play if everyone is comfortable where they are. Maybe you just got a bunch of bean-bag-chairs and no one wants to get up, or you’re just feeling a little dizzy. Whatever the reason is, Picolo is the perfect game for you.


  • 1 phone/tablet with Picolo downloaded
  • Drinks (beer and liquor)

How to Play

Picolo is extremely easy to play. Once you have the app downloaded, you just pick a game mode and do whatever the app tells you to! Less thinking, more drinking.


  • Download the app in the App Store or the Google Play Store
  • Open up the app and enter in the names of everyone who will be playing with you. Feel free to use “nicknames” like Will for William or Ass-face for anyone named Craig.
  • Select which game mode you want to play. There are 5 different modes, each described below.

Getting Started

The app will tell you what to do every step of the way. Just have one person read the directions out loud, and perform the task as required. Simple enough.

Game Modes

Getting Started

This is the only free game mode included with Picolo, but even though I paid for all of the game types, it is still my favorite. It has great games, fun challenges and often oddly specific requests of players, but that just makes it all the more fun.

Getting Crazy

If you’re willing to pay $4.50 a week for a drinking game, you’re either richer than me or an alcoholic. But if you are, you can play this game mode! Great for getting drunk quicker than Getting Started, but also requires you to do a bit more, well, weird stuff. Wanna wake up in a gutter? Then try this.


Ever creative with their names, this game mode is meant to be played in a bar. It has more unique clues that will essentially embarrass you in a room full of strangers, but it can help you make some new friends.


This version will make you reveal your deepest, darkest secrets. If you are playing with some people you want to never feel comfortable alone in a room together with, then play this. Just don’t forget to wear clean underwear.


This splits the group into 2 different teams that will be competing against each other. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but keep your drink the closest because you’re going to need it.


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