Slap Cup

Slap Cup is a classic drinking game, that you never really see depicted in movies, while other drinking games are. Want to know why? Because it makes a huge mess and you get backwashed beer all over. But if that’s the case why is it so popular? Because it’s just that fun. Plus cleaning up is tomorrow you’s problem.


  • Table, circle, rectangle, anything you can fit a bunch of people around
  • 2 ping pong balls
  • Cups
  • Drinks

How to Play

Slap Cup is almost the exact same game as Stackems, except when you catch up to the person in front of you, instead of stacking your cup into theirs, you slap their cup off the damn table like you just found out someone poisoned their Shirley Temple.


  • Take a bunch of cups, and put them all around the middle of the table. Like 30-50 cups, depending on how many people you have/how much you want to die today.
  • Fill up all of the cups with about 1-2 sips of the parties drink of choice. Could be beer, wine, jungle juice, etc.
  • Get everyone gathered around the table, to admire all the cups you have assembled.
  • Give 1 ping pong ball to 2 different players, on opposite sides of the table.
Setup for a Game of Slap Cup

Getting Started

Once 1 person on either end of the table has a ball to start with, whenever someone yells “Go!” they can grab one of the cups from the center of the table, drink whatever is in there, and start bouncing their ping pong ball into the cup.


  • Once the first player successfully bounces the ball into the cup, they pass it to their left, who then also tries to bounce the ball into the same cup.
  • If you have the ping pong ball, you do not want the other ping pong ball to catch up to you, so try to bounce it in as fast as possible, and get it away from you.
  • If a player bounces the ball into the cup on their first try they can pass the cup/ball combo to anyone they want, other than the other person trying to bounce the ball in.
  • This is a great opportunity to screw somebody! You can give it to the person directly before the person with the other ball to try and catch them, or give it to the person directly after the person with the other ball, to try and screw THEM! Or just pass it to someone who looks bored, we’re all just trying to have fun.
  • Let’s say you have the ball, and the person to your left has the other ball. If you bounce the ball into your cup before they bounce their ball into their cup, you can slap their cup off the table. Like really give that thing a whack.
  • When this happens, the person who got their cup whacked grabs a new cup from the middle, starts drinking and trying to bounce the ball in.
  • At the same time, the person who slapped the other player’s cup passes their ball and cup to the person to the left of the person who’s cup was slapped, and they start bouncing the ball into that cup.
  • Note however that if you get the ball in your cup in one bounce, you cannot immediately slap the cup of the person with the other ball unless they are directly to the left of you. Newbies will try this shit every time.
  • While attempting to bounce the ball into your cup, you accidentally bounce it into one of the filled center cups! You can just take it out and keep trying right? WRONG!! Take that bitch, drink it, and add it to your own little personal stack of failure right there, you muppet.
  • This goes on for the whole game until all the cups are gone!

Game Variations

  • Flap Cup: Honestly I just made up the name but it’s hilarious so I hope it sticks. It’s slap cup but instead of bouncing a ping pong ball into the cup to pass to the next player, you have to flip the cup. Everything else remains the same. Great alternative for a party that is cursed with no ping pong balls (a party staple.)
  • Stank Cup: Not even really a variation so much as an awful surprise for those playing. While filling up all your cups at the beginning of the game, fill a couple with a little extra, maybe a shot of vodka, some wine, pickle juice, some of the gross liquid that forms on top of yogurt sometimes. Whatever you got. These cups usually get avoided until the end, making those final slaps all the sweeter.

    We always want to hear your variations as well! Send them to us on our contact page.


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