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They say that comedy is just tragedy plus time, so the next logical step is to turn that tragedy into a drinking game! Titanic gives us a chance to pour some out for the 1,500 people who unfortunately perished in the Atlantic Ocean, while reminiscing about Kate Winslet’s knockers.


  • 1 cup, large enough to hold a shot glass
  • 1 shot glass, that floats in beer
  • Drinks (beer and liquor)

How to Play

The objective of this game is to not be the one drinking the beer/liquor mix that remains when the Titanic (your shot glass) inevitably sinks.


  • Fill the glass about 2/3 full with beer. Leave it empty enough so it does not spill if you were to, say, accidentally sink a shot glass full of vodka in it.
  • Carefully place the shot glass in the beer so it is floats on the surface
  • Gather round your friends and put on your life jackets, because we like our drinks on the rocks!
Setup for a game of Titanic. A shot glass floating in a cup of beer.
Setup for a game of Titanic

Getting Started

Pick someone to go first. If you need help choosing, just pick the person who was most recently in the ocean.


  • Players take turns pouring liquor into the shot glass. As long as a single drop lands in the shot glass, players can end their turn.
  • You can pour as much or as little liquor into the shot glass as you want. But be careful because as you add liquor, the cup will start to sink!
  • Keep going around the circle until someone sinks the shot glass.
  • Whoever sinks the glass must drink the beer/liquor mixture that now fills the cup. Tragedy strikes the Titanic again.
  • Play again?


Here’s a couple ways to mix this game up, if you think just pouring liquor into a cup floating in beer is for simpletons. Fuck buoyancy am I right?:

Most Likely To:

Players take turns asking who is the most likely to do/be a certain thing (i.e. pass out first, pull a muscle dancing, etc.) Then, at the count of 3 all players point their fingers at the person they believe is most likely for that thing. Whoever is chosen by the group or the most popular choice is the one who has to pour the liquor into the shot glass.

Truth, Dare, or Pour:

Pick the player to go first. The person to their left asks them Truth or Dare, and gives them their question/task. If the player doesn’t want to do what is demanded of them, they may choose to pour some liquor into the glass. At the beginning this may be the obvious choice but as the cup starts to fill players will be more willing to do funny/gross/obscene things.


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